Package #1 ($149.00)

A stock video with your Company name, Phone Number and Website Address on the video. WE DO NOT TAKE ANY UPFRONT PAYMENT! YOU ONLY HAVE TO PAY AFTER THE WORK IS DONE

Package #2 ($499.00)

We can make a video just for your company

This will be a one of a kind video for your company

No other company will have this video – this Video is made Just For You.

Your Custom Video Will Include the Following:

  • We Send You The Script First To OK – Before We Collect Any Money
  • A professional quality Voiceover –that mentions your company name, your phone number and benefits-Multiple Times
  • Full motion graphics animation – cartoon characters
  • Editing – we put it all together

Some companies charge as much as $7500 for a one minute video.

Your cost is only $499.00 and this includes everything, nothing else to buy.

You pay $200.00 deposit and the rest when the video is the way you like it.